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Stock Control Inventory app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 3744 ratings )
Business Finance
Developer: Kiwi Objects
Current version: 1.47, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 09 Feb 2012
App size: 38.97 Mb

List your items, sort them into categories and associate them with places of storage. Easily manage your inventory level and value.
Conceptualize and hierarchize your categories and places of storage.

Thanks to the built-in search tools, you can retrieve your items and their location(s) easily.

Separate your items or objects into coherent groups (work-related items, personal objects, etc.) in order to manage different stocks simultaneously.

For users wishing to monitor their stock levels precisely, Stock Control allows refined management of quantities in the various places of storage, as well as a shortage alert for each item.

Import / export all your data thanks to a CSV file (spreadsheet program) in order to use them on your PC or Mac.
Transfer your data to your other iOS devices with iCloud and iTunes transfer.

Generate PDF catalogs based on your item lists, and send them by e-mail or print them using AirPrint.

Freemium version, limited to 15 items. In-app purchase unlocks unlimited item creation

Universal application for iPhone/iPad, iOS 7.1 and above.
Optimized for Retina Display.

Pros and cons of Stock Control Inventory app for iPhone and iPad

Stock Control Inventory app good for

This app is good for keeping track of my small biz inventory. The photo utility is awesome, though i wish you could see thumbnails on the main screen. That and being able to switch items into different groups would complete this otherwise great tool.
I really like that I can drop inventory into different categories, but I wish there was a main category I could run from to see all inventory, without having to send an excel file to my computer. I would also like it if there was an ounce/litre measurement, as my inventory involves a lot of liquids in different sizes, as well as items measured by weight. Otherwise, an easy-to-use, functional app!
Great tool for small business inventory. Flexible to lots of variables per item. Plus great app support!
I love that I can export from it and that it keeps a running total of my inventory! So much more to discover!!
I really enjoy using it to track my inventory. I would recommend enhancing the search tool to allow searches with multiple keywords. The categories hierarchy is very useful to classify the items however, if an item is under a specific category, it does not appear under the categories higher in the hierarchy.
I wanted an inexpensive program to keep track of various items in the storehouse and this program certainly does that. Its easy to use and once youve entered your items to your database, its very quick to transfer various items from one location to another at the press of only a few buttons. I would certainly recommend this program.

Some bad moments

Scanner doesnt work if it doesnt find an item in a data base. App just crashes instead propose me the creation of a new product.
Love this app. Makes taking inventory a snap:) would love to b able to add price per piece that would automatically calculate unit price.
It will be nice if you can shear the inventory with other Apple account
I would really like to see what stock is out or my shortages over all groups instead of having to look individually at each separate group. Esthetically the app isnt pleasing, but it works well and is good for the basic inventory needs for the most part. The scanner works very well.
Simply put, this is absolutely worth the $10 full version cost. Its saved countless hours this last month, and I cant wait to see how much pain it saves moving foreword in a multi-location retail business. The developer is responsive, as an added plus. Cant wait to see new versions in the future fix the few and far between struggles.
I wish more Apps were as good as this one. I have over 15,000 items entered, value at over $140,000. This app does everything Ive been looking for (and Ive looked for something like this for over a year) This development company really knows there stuff. Tech support is awesome and importing from an excel spreadsheet is simple. Pulls up reports how ever I want them. Emails it or creates a PDF. Im so impressed that Im going to check out all there other Apps. If there anything thing like this one then Im sure is good. Keep up the good work guys.

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