Stock Control Inventory App Reviews

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Really good,near great

This app is good for keeping track of my small biz inventory. The photo utility is awesome, though i wish you could see thumbnails on the main screen. That and being able to switch items into different groups would complete this otherwise great tool.

Mostly a great tool....

I really like that I can drop inventory into different categories, but I wish there was a main category I could run from to see all inventory, without having to send an excel file to my computer. I would also like it if there was an ounce/litre measurement, as my inventory involves a lot of liquids in different sizes, as well as items measured by weight. Otherwise, an easy-to-use, functional app!

Small business inventory

Great tool for small business inventory. Flexible to lots of variables per item. Plus great app support!

Great product

This is the best app I have used to keep my inventory.

So many things to love!!

I love that I can export from it and that it keeps a running total of my inventory! So much more to discover!!

Intuitive and useful

I really enjoy using it to track my inventory. I would recommend enhancing the search tool to allow searches with multiple keywords. The categories hierarchy is very useful to classify the items however, if an item is under a specific category, it does not appear under the categories higher in the hierarchy.

Great easy to use program

I wanted an inexpensive program to keep track of various items in the storehouse and this program certainly does that. Its easy to use and once youve entered your items to your database, its very quick to transfer various items from one location to another at the press of only a few buttons. I would certainly recommend this program.

Great program, simple or as complicated as you want.

Fairly easy to use after playing with it for a while. Then you discover a new part to the program. It would be nice if they had a guide to fully using this great inventory control app.

Very useful and convenient stock control tool!

Love it!

Great App

Easy to use and everything you need for inventory for your small business


Everything you could need. It has a professional feel on your phone! Its great.


Smart especially barcode integration. An crusial addition could be integration to sql databases and ERP programs. Also can produce expenditure receipt documents. For further explanation can call me from 00903822662515 Mr Alperen

Excellent product

Quite simple, user friendly and very effective for personal and commercial use. Could benefit from adding more sorting criteria though. Overall very recommended

Scanner doesnt work on iOS 7

Scanner doesnt work if it doesnt find an item in a data base. App just crashes instead propose me the creation of a new product.

Perfect app for what I need got.

Love it so far, a lot of detailing.

Pretty powerful little app

As far as inventory programs go, this is pretty great. You can put almost any info you want for an item, which almost verges on too much info. But, it makes it pretty versatile.. I use this for our Kitchen Resource Library, and some office supplies. But if you wanted it could be warehouse worthy, although Ive never ran a warehouse.. I do food inventory and if we didnt have an enterprise system Id be using this lol. Great for smaller companies I think. One improvement that would be great is being able to move multiple items to multiple locations. I have seen that in most any software Ive used besides the one I currently use at work. My favorite feature is the slide show. So easy, along with the barcode scanner. Dont have to enter item codes, but I think you can if you wanted.. Great Job!

iOS only

Love the app, wish it was compatible with both operating systems. Not everyone in our company has iPhones.


An indispensable app Ive used for a couple of years. I travel overseas for business and having the info of more than 2000 products at my fingertips has been a tremendous tool.

Solid inventory management, great barcode scanner

Cheap, effective, and excellent customer service.

Not bad

I suggest 2 things. Add a better search filter, one where you dont have to type the exact name, but can type keywords and see all results with the keywords. Also, option to change how items are listed, whether you want the item name on top, or the category name. Other than that, simple to use. I wanted something for inventory only to keep track of what parts we use through the week.

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